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ME5 is OUT! Download and Donate Here

cover final
ME5 is OUT! Huge thanks to all those who have contributed tracks. This year’s album is our last, and all donations go directly to YoungMinds. Download. Enjoy. DONATE. Thank you.

Download HERE then donate HERE.

Be patient, as things will be busy initially. If you have trouble downloading then please try a bit later. if you’re still stuck, email us at medwayeyes@gmail.com and we’ll do our best to get back to you within a day or two.

You In There – Broderick & Barnes
What Was That Sound? (demo) – Theatre Royal
Pound and a Penny – The Flying Isaacs
Jah-rusalem – The Objectors
Budd – Bear Vs Manero
Be Mine, Or Seven – DarkTrain
Ann Hedonia (live) – The Galileo 7
Strawwelpeter (demo) – Blind Maharishi
Benetton Models – That Massive Bereavement
Candle And A Song – Didi Bergman
Feeding The Flames – Crow Lane
Danza De La Muerte (demo) – Marf Salvador
Flamenca – Wildfowl
The Get Out – Stuart Turner & The Flat Earth Society
Raise Your Flag And Make Your Children Dumb – Broken Banjo
Ghosts – The Furry Love Lickers
Aqueducts – Frau Pouch
Gone – The Only Sun
Gymnastics – Natalie Evans
The Hag – Wolfgang Riot
In The Summer – View From The Skyline
Another Time – Ferocious Lopez
Sometimes – Jim Neill
Under My Skin – Joe
King Of Bradford – The Shagmonroes
The Moment – Philtrum
Disappear – Reavsey & Marling
Fishy Tales – Arfur
The Middle Of The Day – Bob Collins & The Full Nelson
Hatty Days – Rokoko
Little Man – One Eleven Edmund
Pond of Love – Glenn Barnes
Weep Willow Weep – Black Lion Courtiers
Mesa – Electron Forest
The Next New Thing – 3D
Shotgun Brain Interface – Balance Lost
Ballerina – Unlucky Fried Kitten
Alligators – Gggn ft Brmn
OCD – Punching Swans
Atlantis – The Flowing
Ordinary Day – Groovy Uncle ft. Suzi Chunk
Promises, Promises – Ben Jones & The Rifle Volunteers
Pick Yourself Up – Swampstomper
Somewhere Waiting – The Love Family
These Guilty Men – These Guilty Men
Coagula – Luna Lacuna
Under Me – Spindly Killers
The Barest Minimum – Pity Party
Wrong Side Of The River – John Forrester
Young Meteors – Future Echoes
Zombie Midwife Afterbirth Squad – Kill Rpnzl
The Big Meg – Z Stacks
Paranoia And Cats – Kofalli Ragdoll
Roman Horses (live radio)- Upcdownc
Alien – The Singing Loins
Lay Down With Me (Bootleg) – Crybaby Special
The Night Had No Terrors For Us – Hand Of Stabs
Thanks To The Latter – My Sick Mind and Chris Austin

ME5 is dedicated to Chris Austin.



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ME5 Launch Line Up Confirmed for 29th/30th November

ME5 collage

The weekend of the 29th and 30th November promises to be a good one. The ME5 album (our fifth annual download compilation of Medway music) is in the can and ready for digital release at midnight on Friday 29th November, all 58 tracks of it, and the Just Giving page for donations to Young Minds is under construction. For reasons we’ll come to in a minute, we thought a five year run was worth celebrating with a more than one event, so think of the weekend as a mini-festival.

On Friday 29th November you will have two choices: You can come to the Nag’s Head in Rochester to see Broken Banjo, The Flying Isaacs and The Flowing, or you can go to St Mary’s Social Club in Gillingham to hear acoustic sets by Theatre Royal and Wildfowl plus some open mic performances.

On Saturday 30th we’ll be at the Barge in Gillingham for performances by Balance Lost, Natalie Evans and Chris ‘Arfur’ Allen for a gig that will serve not only as an after launch party for the ME5 album, but also as a ‘goodnight and thank you’ from Medway Eyes. Not only will ME5 be the last album we put out, this will also be the last ever Medway Eyes event. We’ve achieved a lot along the way, but five years is a long enough run for a good idea and it’s time to pursue other things.

So come along. It’ll be fun :0)

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Homespun: An Independent Medway Music Festival

Medway Eyes is very proud to be a part of Homespun, an independent Medway music festival that is taking place in and around Rochester in mid-July. Here’s the line-up so far…

homespun latest

So that explains what this previous post was all about. We’re delighted to be working alongside Motherboy, TEA Concerts and Suburban Kings on this one and the line-up is, quite frankly, ruddy marvellous.

Click on the poster above to go to the Homespun website, and click again to follow Homespun on Facebook and/or Twitter and stay up to date.

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Come On Pixies

Come On Pixies 11th May

We’ll be back at the Barge in May.  More news later…

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Medway Fringe Festival 2013


Happy New Year!

A group of promoters comprised of BeeDee Productions, Medway Eyes, Motherboy, Suburban Kings and TEA have been looking at the possibility of putting on a fringe festival of Medway music in 2013, structured such that it doesn’t necessarily revolve around a single main event and can be co-operatively run.

To that end, we (the five promoters named above – let’s call it ‘the umbrella group’ for now) have agreed in principle to stage a fringe festival on (and hopefully around) Saturday 13th July 2013, led by independent artists and promoters.  We’ll be putting our heads together shortly to give it a name and an identity, and to clarify our vision and the way in which we will engage with artists, venues and technicians. We’ll be talking to some of those people to help us define a way of operating that everyone involved can understand, agree on and feel comfortable with. Once we’ve established all of that, we’ll set up a web presence so that anyone wishing to participate and help us to broaden activities can get in touch. Crucially, any person or entity wishing to participate, however big or small, will understand and engage with the vision.

Medway Council is reported to be planning to organise or enable a music festival in Medway in 2013, and there has been much discussion about this in the social media. We are open minded as to if and how our festival might potentially become linked with other concurrent events and activites, or whether it could have council involvement or support. Ultimately our festival will be able to exist independently and remain under our control.

The focal point would be the music/gig element, taking place in a series of venues on a single day (possibly two days).

It will not be organised and managed on a top-down basis, but will emerge from a variety of people and organisations working together, creating and managing their own events. However, the umbrella group will;

–    agree on a festival name, identity, operating principles and design of promotional materials,
–    coordinate effort (e.g. so we’re not trying to book the same bands),
–    communicate with external entities as a single voice.

The concept is to build this from the bottom up. We start with the easy  bit, booking a handful of pubs and venues for the day. We are thinking early afternoon starts. This is the core,  the very least that will happen. Then we can build it up from there. For example; warm-up or come-down gigs could feature on the days before or after the main event. Non-music art events could take place through out the week and on the day.

We’ll keep you posted. You can subscribe to this blog or follow Medway Eyes on Facebook  or Twitter for now . We’re not leading the umbrella group, it’s just that someone had to make the first post so we volunteered.

We’ll keep you posted. Feel free to let us know what you think.


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Medway Eyes Shortlisted for Culture and Design Awards

We’re very pleased to announce that Medway Eyes has been shortlisted for the Music Award at the Medway Culture and Design Awards 2012. A huge thank you to those who nominated us, and of course to all the bands, musicians, venues, sound engineers, photographers, writers, radio hosts and wonderful bar staff who have helped us to shine a light on the immense wealth of grass roots talent we have here in Medway. An award for Medway Eyes would be an award for everyone, so wish us luck on the night. Intriguingly, the full shortlist won’t be published in advance of the Awards Ceremony, so we can only guess who we’re up against.

The Awards ceremony takes place on Thursday 6th December. We’ll let you know how we get on.

We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate our friends at WOW Medway on their richly deserved nomination for the Media Award. Well done, chaps :0)


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We’re promoting ME4 on Fizzer’s Radio Show tomorrow. Yay!!!


Tune in to Fizzer’s Radio Show online tomorrow night (Monday 1st October) from 8pm to 10pm to hear our spokesperson Phil promoting ME4, this year’s Medway Eyes charity compilation, with a special guest and a clutch of interesting mp3s on a tiny stick thing. Find out who’s launching this year’s album for us and learn about our chosen charity in advance of the full press release malarkey on October 7th.

You can listen online or on 106.6 FM.

Photo by Jordon.

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Medway Does Americana: Videos

Thanks again to everyone who came to the Barge last week to help us raise money to keep The Medway Broadside online and afloat for another year. As well as playing, Rew shot some hand-held footage of all the performers, and you can now see a song from each of them below. It was quite an evening. You can probably tell that :0)

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A Postcard to Belgrade

Saturday 16th July sees The Singing Loins play the BELEF festival in Serbia.

They asked Medway Eyes to compile a slideshow of photos by Phil Dillon, Sweet Fanny Adams and Alex Turner (Monaxle) to be shown on a huge screen behind them while they play their set.

We made them this postcard from Medway. This is the short version, ten times faster than the version to be played at the gig.  Why not see how many Medway places and people you can recognise?

Phil, Fanny and Alex on Flickr

The Singing Loins online


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The Len Price 3 Unplugged

Great news! The Len Price 3 have always fancied doing an acoustic gig and will be playing at the Barge on April 16th with support from Groovy Uncle and The Bresslaws. The gig is a fundraiser for Medway Eyes and The Medway Broadside, so bring plenty of loose change, as neither we nor the Broadside receive any funding – instead we are volunteer run and completely independent.

For those who might like a memento of the gig to take home, there will be a strictly limited number of prints available on the night from the photo shoots for the band’s Pictures album.

We’re curious to hear how all three artists’ songs will sound pared down to their acoustic essentials, and we reckon you will be too. See you on the 16th…

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