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Medway Eyes Shortlisted for Culture and Design Awards

We’re very pleased to announce that Medway Eyes has been shortlisted for the Music Award at the Medway Culture and Design Awards 2012. A huge thank you to those who nominated us, and of course to all the bands, musicians, venues, sound engineers, photographers, writers, radio hosts and wonderful bar staff who have helped us to shine a light on the immense wealth of grass roots talent we have here in Medway. An award for Medway Eyes would be an award for everyone, so wish us luck on the night. Intriguingly, the full shortlist won’t be published in advance of the Awards Ceremony, so we can only guess who we’re up against.

The Awards ceremony takes place on Thursday 6th December. We’ll let you know how we get on.

We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate our friends at WOW Medway on their richly deserved nomination for the Media Award. Well done, chaps :0)


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ME4 Out Now! Download and Donate…

Cover art by Lupen Crook

It’s out! Our fourth annual download compilation is available to download right now. It’s essentially free to download, but we urge every one of you to donate to our chosen charity, Medway based Holding On Letting Go, while you wait for the whopping 61 track compilation to download. Please give whatever you can, even if it’s not very much. If lots of people give a little bit, then it will soon add up.

To DOWNLOAD ME4, CLICK HEREHERE or, indeed, HERE. There’s even a mirror HERE courtesy of Steve at (cheers, Steve x).

We had a few bandwidth issues just after the release so we’ve added some more download sources in true ‘belt and braces’ fashion in order to to overcome them ;0)


Here’s the track listing. Massive thanks to everybody who has contributed to this album and to everybody who came to the launch gig at the Nag’s Head on the 27th.

Crybaby Special & The Monsters – No Excuses
Houdini – When I Kill In My Sleep
The Muswells – Thunderbolt Pier
Balance Lost – The Shoulder Peeker
Bear vs Manero – Now Is Not the Time For Impressions, Rory Bremner
Firstborn Heroes – Hold On Me
Petts – My Queen
The Hamelins – This Town’s Alive
The Only Sun – Old Rosie
Theatre Royal – A Friend A Stranger And I (alternate mix)
Brigadier Ambrose – Moon and River (demo)
Niltones – Circadian Rhythm
One Eleven Edmund – Caledonian Road
Fortune West – Ex Boyfriend
Frau Pouch – Mittens
The Shagmonroes – Candyfloss Suit
The Galileo 7 – Up
Suzi Chunk – Tripwire
Wolfgang Riot – It Isnt Much
Pity Party – Because We Can’t Hibernate
Broken Banjo – One Trick Pony
Dirty Vibes – Black Habit
Play Dead Proxy – Nil By Mouth
The Blissful Mop – Jack and Stella
Furry Love Lickers – Hollow
Tyrannosaurus Alan (ft. Jak Brown) – STB
Archie Wah Wahs – Damocles
Wildfowl – The Young Maverick
Z Stacks – No Sorrow
Eskimo Chase – Little Miss Too Good
Dogtown – Memories
Philtrum – Caught Inside
The Baron Von Marlon – Johnny Loves June
Los Salvadores – Give in to the Clown
Wolf’s Head & Vixen – Musical Priest
Stuart Turner and The Flat Earth Society – Sunrise
The Love Family – Magic Is Real (demo)
These Guilty Men – It’s Insane
Didi Bergman – Chelmer (live)
Glenn Barnes – How Long
Kelly Stanley – Sick to Death
Peter J Weller – Hold Me Close
Rich Clark – Soul & Mind
James Doyle – World Is Getting Softer
Paul Brightman – Subtract and Divide
Bob Collins – Holy Man (demo)
The Treasures Of Mexico – Optimism
Reavsey (feat. Andy Marling) – All I Want Is You
The Singing Loins – Song For The Underdog
Rupert EagleOwl – Rupert’s Big Entrance / EagleOwl Is Performing
Unlucky Fried Kitten – People
Wheels – Cities
Darryl Hartley – Your Star Implodes
Jamie HB – Motherlode
Natalie Evans – Headcase
Lupen Crook – POV (home demo)
The Objectors – Cold Last Night
Chairs Missing – Rainy Wednesday
UpCDownC – Omni Rock
Hand Of Stabs – Dirge and Trentals Richly Said
My Sick Mind – I Don’t Mean It (Send Me Home)

If you have any difficulties downloading or donating, then please email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. This could take anything between 10 minutes or 24 hours. We’re a small team, so please bear with us.

All the best from Medway Eyes.

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Listen Again: Medway Eyes Takes Over Fizzer’s Show


Photo (C) Marf Salvador, All Rights Reserved

Thank you to everyone who tuned in to Fizzer’s show on Radio Sunlight last Monday, to Brandon and Marf for looking after Phil and to Crybaby Special and the Monsters for coming onto the show and playing live. You can listen again here…

And here’s the playlist, just so you know what was what:

Reavsey – All I Want Is You (not on the Listen Again, but on ME4, so that’s OK)
The Galileo 7 – Up
Suzi Chunk – Tripwire
Syd Arthur – Edge Of The Earth
Stuart Turner and the Flat Earth Society – Decimation
The Blue Aeroplanes – Jacket Hangs
David Bowie – The Man Who Sold The World
Pity Party – Because We Can’t Hibernate
Darryl Hartley – Your Star Implodes
Maker – Soaked Up
Patti Smith – Banga
Johnny Adams – Georgia Morning Dew
The Dentists – I Had An Excellent Dream
Broadcast – Black Cat (snippet)
The Bresslaws – Jezreels Tower
Blondie – The Tide Is High (snippet)
Lupen Crook – Treasons To Be Beautiful
Crybaby Special and the Monsters – No Excuses (live in the studio)
Crybaby Special and the Monsters – Wishing Well (live in the studio)
Iain Shaw – Dinosaur Egg
Hindu Love Gods – Rasperry Beret
The Only Son – Old Rosie
Theatre Royal – A Friend, A Stranger and I
Balance Lost – Shoulder Peeker
Dirty Vibes – Black Habit
Walker Brothers – Shutout
Adam and the Ants – Never Trust A Man With Egg On His Face
Shivaree – Bossa Nova
Guided By Voices – Everybody Thinks I’m A Rain Cloud
Singing Loins – Angel Of The Medway

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ME3: Out Now!

It’s out! Download it from HERE, and please give what you can for Oxjam.

Play LOUD! > Enjoy :0)

Full track listing:

01: Los Salvadores – Billy Ruffian
02: Maker – Soaked Up
03: Ben Jones – Hit and Run (Fait Accompli)
04: Dave Read – Lightbending
05: Brigadier Ambrose – Chatham Hill (Ranscombe Brass Demo Version)
06: Unlucky Fried Kitten – This Is England
07: Reg Varney Trio – Psycho Lust
08: Frau Pouch – Sexy Architecture (Sunlight session)
09: Crybaby Special and the Monsters – I Don’t Mind
10: Damsel – Monster
11: Falling Lucid – Blue Room Green Room
12: The Flowing – Lullabies
13: Stuart Turner and the Flat Earth Society – Holiday Song (edit)
14: Firstborn Heroes – Down And Out
15: The Galileo 7 – Ella (demo)
16: Billy Wears Dresses – Sittingbourne Annual Carnival Parade
17: Arcelia – Cupid
18: Upcdownc – Boneyard
19: The Ambience – Falsifier
20: Simon Bunyan – Death Of A Friend (demo)
21: Archie Wah Wahs – Hunchback
22: Tyrannosaurus Alan – The Officer Problem [explicit]
23: Baron Von Marlon – Several Pairs Of Socks
24: Wheels – Carlo Rossi
25: Glenn Barnes – Journey’s End
26: The Blissful Mop – Euphoria
27: The Love Family – A Foreign Country
28: Theatre Royal – Death On The River (Grace Bell session)
29: Bob Collins – Emily
30: Mr Bridger – Out For Tea
31: Groovy Uncle – Danger Zone (stereo mix)
32: James Doyle – Let’s Hear It For The Nice Guy
33: Thomas Turner Band – Nothing Left For Me
34: One Eleven Edmund – I Have Seen
35: Porlie Eidolon & Spindly Killers – You’re Still Mine
36: Reavsey – Wild Day In Whitstable
37: The Shagmonroes – Seafood
38: Houdini – Deadlines
39: Science Noodles – Dirty Streets
40: Z Stacks – Toffee Hammer
41: Kids Unique – Lab Conditions (Rubber Duck Dub Remix)
42: Wolfgang Riot – Five Bars Hotel
43: Lupen Crook – Tale Of An Everyman (acoustic) [explicit]
44: Tape Error – Home
45: Didi Bergman – Happy Song #1 (Sunlight Session)
46: Survivors Of Suki – Sing
47: The Singing Loins – House In The Woods

Thank you to all who have contributed :0)

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Medway Eyes Takes Over Fizzer’s Show !!!

Tomorrow night from 8pm to 10pm, Medway Eyes takes over Fizzer’s Radio Show on Radio Sunlight. Your hosts will be Phil Dillon, photographer and trustee of Medway Eyes, and Hannah Prescott, an artist and film maker known to many for her musical output with Burn Paper Tigers and as Slap Alice. We’ll be promoting the best of Medway, including the forthcoming ME3 compilation, as well as playing cool stuff from further afield.

Tune in. We might play YOU.

Radio Sunlight  ¦  Fizzer’s Show  ¦  Facebook Event


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ME3: Album Line-Up and Launch Details

It’s that time of year again. Medway Eyes is three years old in October, and what a long way we’ve come. Three years of art, music, photography, community and fun can only be a cause for celebration, so that’s exactly what we’re going to do. In grand tradition, we’ll be releasing a download album of Medway music at midnight on Friday 7th October. You’ll be able to pay what you like for the album, and every penny raised will go to Oxjam. The album will be available via

We’d like to thank the following lovely, fluffy bands and musicians for contributing to the album we have so imaginitavely entitled ME3: The Ambience, Arcelia, Archie Wah Wahs, Baron Von Marlon, Ben Jones, Billy Wears Dresses, The Blissful Mop, Bob Collins, Brigadier Ambrose, Crybaby Special and the Monsters, Damsel, Dave Read, Didi Bergman, Falling Lucid, Firstborn Heroes, The Flowing, Frau Pouch, The Galileo 7, Glenn Barnes, Groovy Uncle, Houdini, James Doyle, The Kids Unique, Los Salvadores, The Love Family, Lupen Crook, Maker, Mr Bridger, One Eleven Edmund, Porlie Eidolon, Reavsey, The Reg Varney Trio, Science Noodles, The Shagmonroes, Simon Bunyan, The Singing Loins, Stuart Turner and the Flat Earth Society, Survivors Of Suki, Tape Error, Theatre Royal, Thomas Turner and the Contents, Tyrannosaurus Alan, Unlucky Fried Kitten, UpcDownc, Wheels, Wolfgang Riot and Z-Stacks.

That’s 47 tracks. Not bad for a dead music scene, eh? We’ll be plugging it shamelessly when we take over Fizzer’s show on Radio Sunlight between 8pm and 10pm on Monday 3rd October.

We’ll be celebrating the launch of the album at the Nag’s Head in Rochester from 8pm on Friday the 7th, in the splendid company of Singing Loins, with support to be announced soon. It’s the landlady’s birthday that day, so expect a top atmosphere. And get there early. It might get a bit busy.

UPDATE 02/10/2011:  We are delighted to announce that Singing Loins will be supported at Friday’s gig by Crybaby Special and Gary Robertson of The Love Family. That’s two more reasons to come along!



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From Here To Halloween

How time flies. The solstice is upon us already and we’re halfway around the sun again before we know it. So far this year, we’ve managed two well attended exhibitions (the first of which exceeded all sorts of expectations) and three cracking gigs, which is good going – but we’ve been back to the drawing board and come up with a schedule of events which we thought you might lke to put in your diaries, be they wirelessly networked or moleskin bound.

Firstly, and not yet fully confirmed, we have a couple of picnics lined up for Sundays during the school holidays. We had a few of these last year at Victoria Gardens in Chatham and a splendid time was had by all. More about these as their arrangements progress. Equally unconfirmed is a potential collaboration in the organisation of something really rather big and groovy over the August bank holiday weekend. Again, more on that later.

The following dates are definitely confirmed, and full details for each of them will be blogged here in the coming weeks and months:

The afternoon of Sunday 7th August sees us at the Barge in Gillingham for Unframed 2011, a family friendly event which, just like last year’s, will see local photographers bringing albums of their work to show and share while everyone chills out and enjoys good company, live music and sunshine (hopefully). Later in the month, on Saturday 27th August, we’ll be helping photographer Paul Johnston open a solo exhibition at the Riverside Country Park in Gillingham by, well, hanging around in the sunshine (that word again) while the kids let of a bit of steam in the playground area. Join us that afternoon if you will. The exhibition runs until Saturday 10th September, and Paul is our featured photographer on this very blog (over there on the right).

Don’t despair about Paul’s exhibition closing though. Instead, come back to the Barge with us on the evening of Saturday 10th September to hear some of Medway’s finest musicians and songwriters covering the songs of other Medway performers, many of them stories about the towns and people themselves, at the start of what will be an ongoing Medway Eyes project designed deliberately to praise and point up the towns and their many talents. This will be a fundraiser. We’ll be doing some good while we enjoy ourselves. We just need to decide who we’ll be doing it for.

Fast forward to Friday 7th October which will see us celebrating our third birthday by launching our third compilation album with live music at the Nag’s Head in Rochester. Both the album and the gig will be much like ME1 and ME2 (i.e. brilliant). Again, full details nearer the time.

Finally (at least for now) put Saturday 29th October in your diary for some spooky graveyard storytelling and dark doings at the Barge. It’ll be a scream…

That’s it for now. Sketchy in places, yes, but a date is a date, and at least you know as much as we do now.

See you soon.


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Issuing A Broadside

The Medway Broadside launches at Poco Loco at 3:00 this Sunday afternoon (28th November). All are welcome, and there will be live acoustic music from the astonishing talents Didi Bergman, Joe Cottiss and Theatre Royal.

But what is the Medway Broadside?

It’s a community sourced publication, written and produced by volunteers, that focuses on local issues and leans towards the grass roots arts.  The aim is to produce a print run once a quarter and to have a website to complement that. There is no gloss, no advertising and no clutter or careeerism.

Medway Eyes would like to be honest and open and declare its interests here. The editorial team is comprised of two Medway Eyes trustees. Just so you know.

That said, anybody can offer a contribution to the Broadside as long as it is not politically parmesan, simply by writing to We’d urge you to do so. We all have our views and our take on things, after all. Everybody deserves a voice, particularly in a local environment where issues like city status are at the forefront of public debate.

Come along. Check it out. Embrace the alternative. We’d love to see you and to listen to you. In the meantime, here’s a word from one who knew…

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ME2: Medway Music for Oxjam

It’s out!  Released at midnight on Friday 15th October to celebrate our second birthday, and for the benefit of Oxjam, ME2 is a compilation of music from Medway and the surrounding area featuring Theatre Royal, Groovy Uncle, Brigadier Ambrose, One Eleven Edmund, Gavin Alexander, Ben Jones, Glenn Barnes, Archie Wah Wahs, The Shagmonroes, Nick Hughes, Unlucky Fried Kitten, Stuart Turner and the Flat Earth Society, The Bresslaws, The Flowing, Lupen Crook, Fires Took Over, Lauren Bateman, The Ambience, Clinker, The Galileo 7, Firstborn Heroes, Los Salvadores, Bob Collins, Reavsey, Rich Clark, The Deccas, The Effectives, Wheels, Chris Austin, The Dentists and Didi Bergman.

We hope you enjoyed our birthday bash at the Nag’s Head. Now you can enjoy a cracking 31 track download.

We did this for Medway. Now you can do it for Oxjam by donating as you download.

Click here to download ME2

Click here to donate to Oxjam


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Retro Post #9: October 2009 – ME1: Our First Birthday

For our first birthday we asked our musical chums if they would like to contribute a track to a compilation album, our photography chums if they would like to contribute to an eZine and the rest of you if you wanted to come along to our birthday gig. After a big fat YES from lots and lots of people we ended up with a bumper 21 track album, a packed eZine and a happily crowded Nag’s Head on the 2nd October.

Thanks to The Lovedays, The Bresslaws and Didi Bergman for a great birthday gig.

The ME1 album is still available to download for free HERE, and don’t forget you can donate to Oxjam if you want to.

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