ME5: 29:11:13


As you probably know, we like to put out a compilation album each year. The aim is simple – to promote local music hard whilst doing what we can for a good cause. This year we’re doing it again. We’ll be releasing ME5 as a free download only album, but you’ll be encouraged to donate to our nominated charity when you download. This year that charity is Young Minds. We’ll be releasing the album at midnight on Friday 29th November and staging three gigs over that weekend to mark the album’s release, but more about that later.

We would love it if as many bands and artists as possible from in and around Medway could contribute a track. All you need to do is send an mp3 at 192Kbps to us at, properly tagged. When you do this, it will be assumed that you have full rights to the music. Medway Eyes will not be liable for any unlawful distribution. That’s it. So, whether it’s a track from your last album, a bedroom demo, an outtake or a live recording, we’d love you to share with us and help us spread the word and do good. Of course, it promotes you too.

All submissions need to be with us by no later than midnight on Saturday 9th November, and we reserve the right to refuse submissions if they are technically flawed, if we think there may be copyright issues, or if … and we know this is subjective — we don’t think you’ve checked any of our last four albums and thought about whether your submission would be in kindred company. Oh, and try not to send us songs with the the word “fuck” in. We want the Flanders family to donate.

We’re not writing to individuals this time because we can’t get the staff, so please spread the word.

Thank you.


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4 responses to “ME5: 29:11:13

  1. I’d love to do a piece. In fact a collaborative piece between Spindly Killers and Simon Bonner.

  2. Great stuff….is it that time already? 🙂

  3. David

    Are cover versions OK?

    • Hi David,

      We’ve had Medway artists cover other Medway artists in the past, with their full permission. Bear in mind that Medway Eyes is volunteer run and exists to promote and encourage original local talent.

      We hope that answers your question. Thanks for getting in touch.


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