The Bridge Podcast

Back in 2009 I was privileged to be asked to speak to Steve Keevil‘s media students at Mid-Kent College about Medway Eyes and what it is, or at least what it was then. It was a really enjoyable experience that I blogged here.

Last month, Medway Eyes was invited back to the college, this time to participate in a pilot podcast about local creativity and community, so Didi Bergman and her guitar accompanied me to the college to see what we could contribute.

On arrival, we were given Darjeeling and introduced to Carl Jeffery (a.k.a. Fellow Creative) and Katie Fotis before being whisked up a few floors into very, very green live room.

Didi sang, everybody chatted about why we do what we do, we shared and discussed various media, drank more tea, listened to a brilliant song about Jeremy Bentham‘ head, discussed empty shops and Desolation Row and were played out with an exclusive preview from Didi’s forthcoming album. I also took the opportunity to to plug a few Medway musicians along the way.

You can find the podcast on Fellow Creative’s website (link below), along with links to all the stuff we were looking at, listening to and talking about.



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